Copper Chef REVIEWED And Uncovered!!

Copper Chef REVIEWED And Uncovered!!

As per the infomercial it is a 6-in-1 non-stick pan that helps in cooking various varieties of food. It has unique copper infused know-how that helps cook wholesome, non-sticky and a fast meal for the complete family.

Inferior High quality and Horrible service – Craig who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his evaluation that it’s a crap product, which he realized when the parcel arrived and he discovered it to be manner too light. It wasn’t heavy duty like they claimed and was smaller than expected. He tried making eggs on medium temperature, however they stuck and had a metallic taste. Making an attempt to call the customer support was a nightmare because he got someone with poor English abilities on the line. He bought yelled at for eager to return the product and then was offered discount offers. He returned the pan and has a replica of the delivery receipt but they claim to haven't acquired it.

No more Non-stick and Non-scratch – Shelagh who used Copper Chef exposed in her overview that the pan labored well a couple of times but after that it was just horrible. The non-stick, non-scratch surface came off earlier than you okaynew it and she or he just couldn’t eliminate the stains from the bottom and sides. Now her pans are badly stained and scratched. She calls them the worst pans she has ever bought and desires to return them. She would give them zero stars and advises customers against shopping for them. In line with her, getting a $25 set from Dollar Basic could be a smarter option.

Poorly made Copper pans – Debbie who used Copper Chef revealed in her assessment that she received the pans as a present from her son however the very first thing she noticed was that the chrome steel body of the glass cover had smashed. Though the glass wasn’t damaged, you may inform that the frame was flimsy. The utmost thickness of the pan is 2.5mm. It’s an aluminum pan with copper colour epoxy paint, which starts rubbing off and you see the pans for what they really are. It’s really unlucky because her son thought he had purchased her copper pans.

Poor high quality, shoddy customer support – Tilda who used copper chef review; link web site, Chef revealed in her review that she tried to do a gift returns via Amazon’s website but it’s not doable because the order number is just not visible on the site. Because it wasn’t sold by Amazon she had to take care of the producer, which was a waste of time. She was transferred via a number of members of the workforce however no one might do a easy exchange. She thinks by spending some extra money, you can get a lot better quality pans. However most of all she is shocked by the fact that they call them Copper pans, when they're something but that.

It has some design flaws – Ashton who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his overview that there are some good issues about this pan but overall he's not so pleased with its design. He favored the truth that the pan is lightweight, but sadly so are the accessories, which makes it difficult to work with them. He was glad with its performance as he used it for fried and steamed dishes. He needs that they had made some design tweaks just like the lid may have had a bit more lift so that every one the accessories may have been stored in the pan well. He nonetheless found the recipe book that it got here with fairly helpful and wants to make the most out of it to create various kinds of dishes and problem himself. He additionally recommends utilizing it like a regular non stick pan, which means you'll be able to’t use any metal utensils or cooking sprays. With regards to cleaning you might want to steer clear of those scratchy scrubs and brushes that can destroy it completely. He was impressed by the truth that though the pan regarded like copper it didn’t need to be cleaned like one.

Bad product, only hype – Celina who used Copper Chef complained in her assessment that she had a number of expectations from the pan since she was taken in by all the hype. Nevertheless they got here crashing down fairly shortly because after only a couple of uses she couldn’t even make eggs in it. They had been a mishmash and not edible at all. She decided to return the pan, which meant that she had to bear the delivery prices and lost out on the unique transport and handling costs. Now she thinks the whole thing is a rip-off and no one should fall for it.


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